Posted: 01 Jun, 2021

Dhul Hijjah 

Dhul Hijjah is here, which means Muslims all around the world are performing Hajj, partaking in extra charity and preparing for Eid Ul-Adha and Qurbani. Eid is a time of celebration and joy and as you prepare and cook delicious food, iron your new clothes, we also want to remind you of Ibrahim’s (as) noble sacrifice.

Ibrahim’s Devotion 

Ibrahim’s (as) sacrifice shows us his devotion to Allah (swt) but his devotion started a lot earlier in his life. Ibrahim (as) rejected the worship of idols and sought God instead. His life changed one day when he travelled up to the mountains to watch the sky. Shortly after this moment, Ibrahim heard Allah calling to him. He commanded Ibrahim to submit and so Ibrahim fell to the ground, crying out: “I submit to the Lord of the universe!” and Ibrahim’s life was forever transformed. 

For every hair of the Qurbani you will receive a reward from Allah, and for every strand of its wool you will receive a reward.”


Ibrahim’s (as) Sacrifice

His second devotion started with a dream that told him to sacrifice his child Ismail. Like any other bad dream, Ibrahim ignored it, thinking it was Shaytaan toying with him because after all, his son Ismail was the most precious thing to him. For Ibrahim who struggled to have a child, his son was nothing short of a miracle. So, when the dreams continued and he made the connection that this was a sign from Allah (swt), the revelation hung heavy on his heart.


Although he loved his son dearly, Ibrahim also loved and believed in the word of his Lord, and so took Ismail to Mount Arafat to carry out the command. When Ibrahim told his son of the revelation, he consented, asking only that his hands and legs be bound to stop him struggling, and that his father blindfolds himself so he does not have to witness him suffer.



The sacrifice 


Binding his son, as asked, Ibrahim (as) brought forth his sharpened knife, and with it, carried out his difficult task. When all was quiet and still, he removed the blindfold to find a dead ram before him, not his son. For Ismail (as) was by his side and Allah had rewarded him for his devotion, and swapped his son with a ram. 


Significance of Qurbani

You are heavily rewarded when you offer Qurbani. It reminds us of sacrifice, teaches us about devotion to Allah, to have faith and trust and reminds us of Allah’s mercy. 

Giving your Qurbani with Save an Orphan

Qurbani is wajib on every Muslim who is of sound mind with wealth greater than the level of Nisab. At Save an Orphan, we want to make orphans and their communities experience a special Eid this year. Your Qurbani is often the only meat they taste all year bringing relief and sustenance.  We deliver meat that’s healthy and humanely-reared to families across Asia and Africa so you can uphold this special sunnah.  


From just £25 you can complete your Qurbani today.

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