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Pre-order your Qurbani for 2022 and help orphans and their communities

Honour Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) tradition and sacrifice for the love of Allah

As you celebrate Eid ul-Adha with your family, don’t forget to fulfil your Qurbani. 821 Million people go to sleep on an empty stomach and meat is inaccessible to many. Your Qurbani is often the only meat they taste all year bringing relief and sustenance.

Qurbani is wajib on every Muslim who is of sound mind with wealth greater than the level of Nisab. At Save an Orphan, we want to make orphans and their communities experience a special Eid this year. We deliver meat to families across Asia and Africa so you can uphold this special sunnah.

Save an Orphan and its partners carry out your Qurbani during the days of Eid ul-Adha to 100% Islamic Principles. We locally source the best and healthiest animals, ensure the Zibah is carried out correctly and guarantee that quality protein-filled fresh meat and hot nutritious meals are delivered directly to those who need it most.

You can also donate your Qurbani to a country in crisis and emergency - including Yemen, Syria and Palestine from £150.

1 Qurbani

Should be given by every Muslim


Qurbani starts on the 10th day of Dhul- Hijah

3 Parts

The meat from Qurbani should be divided in three equal parts

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Qurbani Guide

What is Qurbani?

Qurbani is an obligatory act whereby every year Muslims around the world slaughter an animal – a goat, a sheep, a cow or a camel during the month of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th and final month of the Islamic Calendar.


This is in order to reflect Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail for the sake of Allah.

Who is eligible for Qurbani?

Qurbani is mandatory for every Muslim who:

  • Are adults of sound mind
  • Possess more than 52.2 tolas of silver (1 tola = 11.7g of silver)
  • Are not travelling
  • Meet the nisab threshold for Zakat
When do you have to give Qurbani?

You should slaughter your animal anytime within the days of sacrifice –from the 10th of Dhul Hijjah till the sunset of the 12th of Dhul Hijjah.

Sacrifices can only be made after the Eid prayer (sacrifices made before do not count as Qurbani)

What animals can be sacrificed for Qurbani?

The Qurbani animal must be a goat, sheep, ram, or cattle (such as cow, bull, ox and buffalo), or a camel.

A small animal such as a sheep or goat counts as one Qurbani share, while larger animals like camels and cattle count as seven Qurbani shares each.

The goat or the sheep must be at least one year old and shouldn’t be blind, physically disabled, have broken horns or no teeth.

What are the benefits of Qurbani?

The act of Qurbani is a sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (as) and here are some of its benefits:

  • It pleases Allah (swt)
  • It’s an act of `ibadah (worship)
  • It’s a reminder of the sacrifice
  • It’s a sign of true faith
  • There is great reward and protection from miseries in the Hereafter
  • It’s an expression of gratitude to Allah for his infinite favours
Where does my Qurbani go?

Save an Orphan makes sure your Qurbani goes to some of the world’s poorest families across Asia and Africa. We conduct poverty assessments to target the most vulnerable and distribute meat packs at local centres.

Who does my Qurbani help?

Your Qurbani ensures that families who are extremely poor, living with food insecurity have access to a nutritious meal with meat. It allows families to have meat for the first time all year so they can enjoy their Eid.

Donate your Qurbani and fulfil your obligation

Follow in the footsteps of the Prophets and give to vulnerable orphan’s and their communities. Donate for Eid ul-Adha and sacrifice an animal for the love of Allah.

Donate one share of a cow for £25 to complete one Qurbani. We select humanely reared cows and carefully select from local- farms so you can be assured you're donating quality meat.

Donate one small animal, either a lamb or a goat. We select humanely reared lamb and  goats  and carefully selected from local farms so you can be assured you're donating quality meat.

A family Qurbani is sacrificing a whole cow which makes up seven Qurbanis. We select humanely reared cows and carefully select from local- farms so you can be assured you're donating quality meat.

Donate shares of a cow for you and the Ummah for £50. We select humanely reared cows and carefully select from local- farms so you can be assured you're donating quality meat.

Benefits of Qurbani:

  • Shows our submission to Allah
  • Teaches us about sabr (patience)
  • Reminds us of Allah’s mercy
  • Gives a nutritious meal with meat to the poor
  • It’s an ibadah and encourages social unity
  • It strengthens the bond between you and Allah
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as). For every hair of the Qurbani you receive a reward from Allah (SWT)." 


Sacrifice an animal for the sake of Allah. 

As your act of ibadah, donate for next Eid al Adha and give your Qurbani to help supply meat to families that desperately need it.


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