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Be the reason they get through winter this year by donating warmth

Winter kills so help those suffering from extreme cold weather conditions get access to life-saving aid now

This winter, thousands of people across Asia and the Middle East will suffer the harsh effects of bitter winds, brutal snow, heavy rain and floods. This year will be the worst as thousands face the after-effects of COVID-19, ongoing crises, war and famine. Without your help, displaced families and the poor could lose their lives this winter.

Save an Orphan is working in North-West Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine to protect the most vulnerable from snow, rain, flooding, freezing temperatures, and bitter winds. Your donations will help us provide life-saving aid such as Food Packs, Winter Clothing, blankets, beddings and essential Heating Provisions.

736 million people living in extreme poverty will suffer and refugees have it the hardest. With no place to call home, winter is a month of terror and a battle of survival for those living in makeshift accommodation. Your donations save lives by providing critical aid to those who need it most. 

1.6 billion

People are living in insufficient shelter

1.5 million

Children are living on the streets in Pakistan

26 million refugees

Struggle to survive harsh weather conditions

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Call our administration team on our Donation hotline in order to donate, they will be happy to assist with any queries you have.

CALL 03000 999 888

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Name: Save an Orphan

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Save lives this winter and donate now

Help us provide life-saving critical aid for vulnerable orphans, children, pregnant women and their communities so they can survive this brutal winter.


Winter kills so help those suffering from extreme cold weather conditions get access to life-saving aid now

Our Food Packs feed an average family of 5 people for a month so they don’t have to sleep hungry. Each pack contains a month's supply of staple items such as rice, bread, long-life milk, tinned food, oil and sugar and each pack is designed for local diets.

A thick thermal Winter Blanket provides warmth and comfort needed during harsh winter conditions. Used during sleep and to keep warm in shelters, a Winter Blanket is essential for survival during colder nights.

Provide gloves, hats, socks, shawls, thick and thermal clothing so the vulnerable have a better chance to survive the colder months. This is vital for the protection  against extreme conditions such as snow, wind and heavy rains. 

Provide heat and warmth through access to heaters, heating tools and fuel so the vulnerable can stay warm during freezing conditions. 

A Family Winter Pack includes warm clothing, thermals, a winter blanket, staple food to eat for a month, heating tools and fuels needed to keep warm in freezing conditions.

Your Winter Donations Helps Provide:

  • Warm clothes, gloves, hats and shoes
  • Thermal beddings, blankets and shawls
  • Heating tools, fuels for radiators
  • Warm food and Food packs
  • Access to shelter and accommodations
“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.”

Prophet Muhammed (saw)

Save lives today

Just £10 for a Winter Blanket will protect the lives of innocent people struggling to survive the harsh winter months.



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