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Follow in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammed (saw) and help Orphans and their communities

The days of rewards and virtue are here

As we reflect on the life of Prophet Muhammed (saw), we honour his legacy, follow in his footsteps and give to the needy. There are no better days to give charity than during the special time of Rabbi Al- Awwal when our Prophet (saw) was born and his reported birth, the 12th of Rabbi Al-Awwal is full of virtue.

Nothing was closer to our Prophet (saw) than caring for the Orphans, so as you follow his teachings during this special month, help us transform the lives of orphans and children by creating lasting change to their lives and their communities. 

Your donations will go towards rescuing orphans and providing them with regular meals, access to healthcare, new clothes and a place at a school. 

Birth Day

Prophet Muhammed (saw) was born during this month


month of the Islamic calendar


this month is about new beginnings

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Call our administration team on our Donation hotline in order to donate, they will be happy to assist with any queries you have.

CALL 03000 999 888

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Donate now and help the Orphans and needy

Adopt the virtues of our Prophet (saw) and give to vulnerable orphan’s and their communities

£25 p/m or £300

At Save an Orphan we specialise in complete orphan care. Our sponsorships rescue children orphaned by war, disease, drought or famine and  help lift orphans out of poverty. We provide regular meals, access to healthcare, clothes and a place at a school.

£5 p/m or £60

At Save an Orphan we specialise in complete orphan care. You can give to our Orphan Fund and help us provide just that little bit of extra support to some of the millions of Orphans in this world

Our Food Packs feed an average family of 5 people for a month so they don’t have to sleep hungry. Each pack contains a month's supply of staple items such as rice, bread, long-life milk, tinned food, oil and sugar and each pack is designed for local diets

Virtues during Rabbi al Awwal:

  • Best time to reflect on the Prophet’s (saw) life
  • Follow his actions and words to reap maximum rewards
  • A month to care for Orphans
  • Blessings are showered down on this day
"And We have sent you, O’ Muhammad (saw) not but as a mercy for the Alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists)” 

[al-Anbiya’ 21:107]

Continue the legacy of our Prophet (saw) 

Honour his teachings and help rescue Orphans, create lasting change as little as £1 today.



Other appeals that are changing lives

Build a Well

Provide access to clean, safe water for a water scarce community to benefit from just £21 a month.

Feed the Poor

Provide life-saving nutritious meals to those in need in Asia, Africa and the Middle East from just £1 per meal.

Yemen Crisis

Help provide support through emergency food, medical aid and shelter for children and families suffering in Yemen.

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an Orphan today for just £25 a month and help protect orphans and save lives.

Syria Crisis

Help provide on-going support through emergency food, medical aid and shelter for Syrian’s affected by War.

Support a Child

Provide care for children living in poverty from £10 a month and help transform their lives.

Palestine Crisis

Help provide urgent aid through emergency food and medical aid for Palestinians affected by the conflict.

Famine Emergency

Help save malnourished and starving children from as little as £1 a meal