Posted: 05 Jul, 2021

Why Do They Need Your Help?

It’s a conflict with no end. A decade of fighting, war and violence has stripped innocent Palestinians from their homes, left children orphaned in the streets, left parents carrying their bloodied children towards demolished hospitals. 

The current attacks lasted 11 days and left at least 255 people dead, hundreds more injured, many displaced. Over 2.2 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, with 80% of the population of the Gaza Strip alone relying on humanitarian aid to survive. Currently, Palestinian’s fear for their future and safety as a fragile ceasefire is in place.

What most people don’t see is the long term effect of the constant vicious cycle of conflict and violence. Children and young adults especially suffer from post-traumatic stress leaving them crippled, unable to deal with everyday tasks. The streets are covered in dirt, debris and destroyed buildings, a constant reminder that they are living in the middle of chaos.

How Save an Orphan are Helping:

Food parcels - Providing a Family of 5 with food for a month

An Emergency Food Pack ensures that all staple food items are provided after a crisis hits. Our Emergency Food Packs contain rice, bread, long-life milk, tinned food, oil and sugar and each pack is designed for local diets.


Hygiene Kits - Providing cleanliness and safety products 

Our Hygiene Kits ensure essential items such as soap, toothpaste, wipes, sanitary pads are available to all who are unable to have access to facilities so they can keep themselves safe and clean in times of need. 

First Aid Kits - Providing safety when needed

First Aid Kits are full of important tools given to those that need them most during conflict and emergencies. Whether it’s to tend to emergency wounds, ongoing injuries or to ensure safety within the home, it helps save and better lives. 

Chronic Diseases Medicine Distribution - helping those suffering from depression and trauma

We provide Chronic Diseases Medicine Distribution so we can help with the long term effects of conflict and war. By providing medical attention, medicine and emotional support, we aim for better mental and emotional wellbeing for Palestinians.  

Clean-Up Teams - Helping with the aftermath of violence by sweeping streets and getting rid of dangerous debris and destroyed buildings, trees and more. 

How You Can Help

Your donations save lives. Our teams are on the ground, working tireless, ready to help Palestine now. We will provide lifesaving care in areas where they need help the most. Donate now and be the relief in a Palestinian’s life today. Together we can help prevent even more loss and death at the hands of war in Palestine. 

Visit our Palestine Crisis Appeal page to find out more about how you can help. 

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