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Orphans and Widowed Families are Freezing

Support our Winter Crisis Appeal and save lives

This winter, orphaned children and widowed families in refugee camps and rural communities face a battle for survival, not just against the extreme cold, but against the winter food shortages it causes.


Sub-zero temperatures threaten the lives of both the young and the elderly, while constant frosts, a lack of natural light and frozen soils make growing food impossible.


Our teams are on the ground right now delivering life-saving Winter Crisis Kits to some of the poorest communities in Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen.

Donate a Blanket

Donate One Blanket

Orphan and Window Winter Food Pack

Provide a widowed family with food for one month

Winter Crisis Kit

Donate blankets, clothes and food for ONE widowed Family

Winter Crisis Kit for 5 widowed families

Donate blankets, clothes and food for FIVE widowed families

Winter Crisis Kits for 3 Families

Donate blankets, clothes and food for THREE widowed families

The simple fact is this: if we do nothing and leave children and families to brave the winter alone without basic items like blankets, warm winter clothing and food, many will perish.


With one donation today you can save lives by supporting Save an Orphan as we work harder than ever to help the poor and the needy survive the bitter winter cold.


Every single kit contains vital winter essentials that could prove the difference between life and death for a family, including:


  • Thick blankets to keep young children and the elderly warm

  • Warm winter clothes, hats, gloves and scarves

  • Clean water and healthy, nutritious food

  • Family medical and hygiene packs


Without your help, lives will undoubtedly be lost. But with your help, together we can provide the warmth and support a family needs to survive the coldest time of the year.


Please help us save lives this winter.

"Whosoever saves one life, it is as if they saved all humanity.”
[The Holy Quran, 5:32]