Winter Crisis Appeal

In the developing world, make no mistake: winter kills

This year, Save an Orphan is working harder than ever to help those most in need this winter.

For many children and widowed families less fortunate than ours, winter is about survival; a time when food is scarce and sub-zero temperatures threaten the lives of the very young.

Life in a makeshift shelter during the cold winter months can be precarious, and widows and orphaned children need your help now more than ever.


(Thick blanket to keep an orphan child warm)


Orphan & Widow
Food Packs

(Feeds a family of 6 for a whole month)


Winter Crisis Kit

(Includes warm clothes and blankets for 6 widowed family member)


Winter Crisis Kit
for ONE widowed family


Winter Crisis Kit
for THREE widowed families


Winter Crisis Kit
for FIVE widowed families



The greatest threat to life is often not the cold itself, but the widespread scarcity of food it causes.

Constant frosts, a lack of natural light and frozen soils make growing food impossible for many families in rural communities.

This winter, Save an Orphan is distributing Winter Crisis Kits to orphaned children and widowed families in Pakistan, Lebanon and Yemen, with life-saving winter essentials, including: 

With your help, we can save widows and orphans struggling to survive this difficult time of year. From just £10, you can help us save lives this winter. 


"Whosoever saves one life, it is as if they saved all humanity.”


[The Holy Quran, 5:32]