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Help Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar 

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim families are fleeing Myanmar as a wave of extreme violence surges across the Rakhine state.

Boatloads of displaced Rohingya Muslims are arriving in neighbouring countries as they escape with their lives, bringing with them tales of horror from their homeland.

Many speak of the military attacking villages and burning families inside their homes, while others report killings, rapes and isolated massacres in the country that has been their home for centuries.

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Help support Rohingya refugees now

UN officials say as many as 300,000 Rohingya Muslims could be forced to escape the violence in north-western Myanmar.

Already, from the 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar, 164,000 refugees have arrived in Bangladesh, with a further 100,000 in Malaysia. It is a mass exodus on an unprecedented scale as hundreds of thousands of families flee the terror.

The violence has led Muslim families to risk the dangerous sea crossing to neighbouring Bangladesh, despite reports of numerous drownings by authorities.

Hundreds are arriving by boat every day in Bangladesh with no food, water or possessions. Many are sick, wounded, traumatised and malnourished.

“They are coming in nutritionally deprived,” says Dipayan Bhattacharya, Bangladesh spokesman for the World Food Programme.

“They have been cut off from a normal flow of food for more than a month,” he tells Reuters news agency. “They are visibly hungry and traumatised."

Myanmar has blocked all UN aid to civilians within Myanmar itself, but aid agencies are racing to provide basic food, clean water and sanitation in neighbouring countries, with Save an Orphan teams on the aid front line in Bangladesh.

Despite this, the huge numbers of refugees has led the UN to warn of severe shortfalls in emergency food supplies to feed hundreds of thousands of malnourished families.


Help is needed now

Save an Orphan emergency aid teams are already on the ground helping to distribute food packs, clean water, medical care and shelter to displaced families in Bangladesh.

They need your help, and they need it now. Please support our relief effort by contributing what you can to save families and children fleeing the terrible violence in Myanmar.

You can send food packs, medical supplies or shelters for mothers and their children. Please see the aid options below and choose how you can help families in desperate crisis.


The Prophet Muhammad (saw) was reported to have said

"Whoever removes a worldly hardship from a believer, 
Allah will remove one of the hardships of the day of resurrection from him.”

[Sahih Muslim: 2699]