Save an Orphan One-to-One Sponsorship Programmes

Save an Orphan sponsorship programmes operate in the Middle East, Asia and Africa to rescue young children orphaned by war, disease, drought or famine.

When you sponsor an orphan you provide a child with a dedicated foster mother, a place at a local school, a balanced diet and a nurturing home where they can thrive as children.

Your sponsored child is given medical care, nutritious food, new clothes and new shoes. They are then introduced to other children in their new home, many of whom share similar backgrounds and experiences. 

Your donation provides a network of support that includes doctors and teachers, foster mothers and friends, all helping to give young orphans the best possible restart in life.

We’ll send you letters, drawings, photographs and school reports twice a year so you can follow your sponsored child’s journey and watch them grow and progress as part of our family of generous sponsors.

You can do all this by making a one-off donation of £300 (or £25 a month for one year). It’s that simple. And you can sponsor as many children as you like.


Building a future through education

At Save an Orphan, the foundation of our one-to-one sponsorship programmes is the provision of a comprehensive education for every child.

All sponsored orphans are enrolled in a local community school where they can learn, play and fulfil their potential alongside children their own age.

A mother, a teacher and the companionship of friends has a profound and lasting effect on a child, giving them back the childhood they deserve and a second chance at life.


Teaching the skills a father and mother would

There is no greater tragedy for a child than the death of one’s parents. 

Not only are they deprived of their parent’s love and affection, they also lose the knowledge, skills and guidance that generations of parents have shared with their children.

That’s why every Save an Orphan sponsorship includes livelihood programmes designed to teach practical skills like how to raise livestock, sew, irrigate the land and farm crops.

Orphans learn how to support themselves and generate their own income, equipping them with the practical knowledge and trade skills that are essential for their survival in later life.

You can save an orphan for £300 (or £25 a month for a year). You can also support those in greatest need with a one-off donation by ticking the “where most needed” box.