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Where does Save an Orphan operate?

Save an Orphan works extensively across the world to reach out to countless orphans who need our devoted and specialist care. We are currently working in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


What makes Save an Orphan different to most other charities?

Unlike most other charities, Save an Orphan exclusively focuses on the plight of orphans. We specialise in creating sustainable future for orphans living in poverty.


Does Save an Orphan sponsor orphans?

Yes, the sponsorships that we have lovingly created are essential to our work as they provide a child with food, clothes, education and where necessary a loving foster mother in a secure orphan home. There is a strong demand to supply orphan sponsorships.


Why should I sponsor an orphan?

You can make an enormous difference to an orphan’s life by donating £25-a-month through Save an Orphan. Your regular donation is incredibly valuable to ensure that orphans are taken care of for years to come. All our programmes are designed to benefit as many orphan children, orphan widows and orphan communities as possible. This ensures that children remain free from a life of poverty with a caring network of support in place to guide them.


Can I choose which orphan I sponsor?

Yes, you can select whether you would like to sponsor a girl or boy in either Asia, Africa or the Middle East. If you set up sponsorship online, you can state in the comments box if you’d like to sponsor a boy or a girl. You can also state which location you would like your donation to go. If you set up your sponsorship by post or phone simply tell us your preference. If you do not specify we will select an orphan that we feel needs sponsorship the most. 


What information and updates will I receive?

You will receive a welcome pack, which includes a profile of your sponsored child as well as a drawing or personal message from your child (depending on their age and writing ability), and information about the country in which they live. Once a year we will send you an update on your sponsored child’s personal educational progress, including a recent photograph and a brief message from your child.


What can I do if I’m still waiting for my Welcome Pack?

If you are still waiting to receive your welcome pack after four weeks of signing up to sponsor an orphan, then please do call us on 03000 999 888 or email us at [email protected] Occasionally things can go missing in the post but it is easy for us to re-send the information.


Can I write to my sponsored orphan or send a gift?

It is possible to write a letter to your sponsored orphan, although it’s not always the best thing to do. Your orphan will be part of an orphan home and if one child is showered with letters, it can be quite upsetting for the other orphans.

We suggest that you write an open letter to all the orphan home children, which can be read aloud to everyone, to ensure all the children feel included. The correspondence address for your orphan home will be provided in your welcome pack.

If you would like to send an Eid gift to your orphan or send something to all the children in orphan home at any time of year, please call us on 03000 999 888.


Can I visit my sponsored orphan?

Yes, you can meet your orphan personally, but unfortunately, due to the cost we cannot cover the travel and accommodation for your trip. All visitors must be accompanied by a member of the Save an Orphan team. Just let us know when you intend to visit your orphan and we can help you plan your special visit.


How will donating bricks towards an orphan home help?

Donating bricks towards an orphanage means you are contributing to the building blocks of a happy childhood and a brighter future. Each brick you donate helps to fund the initial development costs of the orphanage build – buying the land and materials, paying the applicable taxes and wages for the construction workers. It also contributes towards the ongoing utilities supply costs, staff wages and maintenance.


Can I build a complete orphan home?

Yes, you can, and you can even get your friends, family and work colleagues together to raise £40,000 for an orphan home. Once your orphan home is built it will be dedicated however you choose, perhaps in your name or that of a loved one.

You can take part in big challenges and host your own events and activities to raise money. We have a dedicated team to support you with all your fundraising activities, please just call us anytime on 03000 999 888.


What facilities and carers does an orphan home include?

All of our loving orphan homes come complete with specialist care to create happy, healthy childhoods. Orphan homes come in all different sizes but they all have the same high standards of facilities and care.

Usually, the home will have several bedrooms for the orphans, plus the foster mother’s bedroom, bathrooms, a kitchen and dining room, living spaces and study areas. There will be special and dedicated areas for socialising, learning, playing and praying. Orphan homes are looked after by devoted staff including security, teaching, health, and medical teams - and not to mention their loving foster mothers. All orphan homes are made to provide the framework for orphans to have fulfilling lives.


For how long do I have to commit to an orphan sponsorship?

There is no minimum period to commit to an orphan sponsorship, you can sponsor for as long are you are able to. Supporting an orphan child through their childhood is a very rewarding journey, the longer you remain a sponsor the stronger your connection will be with your orphan child - as you receive your regular and special updates.


How do I get involved with Save an Orphan?

We urgently need your generous donations to help us raise the all-important funds to save orphans, send food packs, build wells and create orphan homes. Volunteers can also help us raise awareness of the plight of orphans and our projects. If you are interested in offering your generous help then you can find out more by giving us a call on 03000 999 888 or emailing us at [email protected]


I know a deserving orphanage; can Save an Orphan help them?

We aim to help as many orphans as possible, and therefore we would be happy to receive details of any orphanages that need our specialist orphan care. We will carefully consider each enquiry on a case-by-case basis, as we believe every child’s life is precious, all cases will be considered individually.


Can I make a regular payment towards helping Save an Orphan?

Yes of course, regular payments support our ongoing mission to reach out across the world and provide as many orphans with access to food, water, care and a place to call home. You can set up an affordable monthly Direct Debit or Standing Order to help us sustain complete orphan care solutions. Monthly payments are the most efficient way to support Save an Orphan. They reduce administration costs and allow us to plan ahead, meaning we can act now to identify orphans who need our help.


Can I still help if I can’t afford £25 a month?

Of course! You can set up a regular and affordable monthly payment that works best for you to enable you to contribute towards supporting our complete orphan care. Just think even the smallest of donations can help; potentially you could be laying the loving foundations of a safe orphan home that would care for many orphans for years to come.


What will my donation go towards?

Your donation will stretch further than you might think by impacting hugely upon the lives of orphaned children, orphan widows, orphan guardians and orphan communities. Donations provide full orphan care, build safe drinking wells, send nutritious food packs, build safe and happy orphan homes and ultimately; provide a sustainable future for those most in need.


Is my donation payment secure?

We recognise that you trust us to fulfil your donation towards helping orphans, and we can assure you that we do not compromise your payment and financial data. We use only secure systems with banking standard safety features to prevent any kind of unauthorised access to financial information. All our online payments are securely processed via Sage Pay, PayPal or SmartDebit and no financial data is ever retained on our servers.


Are you registered with HMRC?Gift Aid?

We are registered and eligible to receive Gift Aid, enabling us to reclaim tax on all donations made by UK taxpayers. Gift Aid is crucially important to our work as it helps to cover our running costs ensuring that your donation has the maximum impact on the lives of those in desperate need. By making your Gift Aid declaration you help us to remain sustainable, cost effective and life-saving.


Where are you based?

Our Save an Orphan office address is City West Business Park, Gelderd Road, Building 3, Leeds, LS12 6LN. Save an Orphan is a registered charity and our charity number is 1167943. Please beware of fraudulent sites attempting to associate themselves with us. If you think you have seen a fraudulent version of this website please contact us at [email protected]


How can I donate?

You can make a donation online at, or by phoning our Save an Orphan Emergency Lifeline number on 03000 999 888 - using a debit or credit card, sending a cheque (payable to Save An Orphan) to Save An Orphan, City West Business Park, Gelderd Road, Building 3, Leeds, LS12 6LN. You can also make donations at Al Ryan Bank, or by making a direct bank transfer to the account details below:


SORT CODE: 30-00-83

ACCOUNT NO: 01342201

Please label your donations clearly with your name and which programme you would like your donation to be used for, and please notify us when you have made your donation by emailing us at [email protected] we’ll send you a receipt.


What are your plans for the future?

We would like to continue on our life-saving mission to reach out to as many of the 143 million orphaned children worldwide as we can. Our next plan is to help orphaned families by building orphanages in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia.